As a Fullstack Engineer at GitLab, I lead architecture and engineering of about.gitlab.com and run the marketing website as an open source project, optimizing for maximum contributions to both code and content.


As a Software Development Engineer at Maxar, I collaborated with a team of developers, designers, and marketers to build corporate websites, marketing assets, interactive product demonstrations, and internal tools.

I was part of the Radiant Solutions website rebuild, DigitalGlobe website rebuild, and most recently the rebuild of the Maxar corporate website.

I consulted and made decisions about architecture, backend capabilities, and frontend component systems. I maintain the automated testing suite, documentation, and led efforts to implement agile software development methodology across the Maxar web team.

In addition to corporate web properties, I built interactive applications to meet marketing goals in brand awareness and demand generation:

I improved the team's turnaround time on these kinds of projects by building a mapping library with Vue.js, and a tool that allows our GIS team to import data and generate basic interactive maps.

At Maxar, I worked with Amazon Web Services, Ruby on Rails, Vue.js, and Nuxt.js. On any given day, I spent time writing HTML/CSS/JS, Vue.js, Ruby, SQL, and some configuration DSLs.

Web applications

Some projects have complex and specific requirements that warrant full web applications. Typically I build these applications with React, Ruby on Rails, and deploy to AWS or Heroku.

HomeGame Poker is an online poker platform that makes friendly poker games easy to set up online with no download, setup, or rakes on the table. I built this application with a Ruby on Rails backend and React frontend.

The SSDP Chapter Activity Tracker is a web application used to track and reward volunteer activity across a global network of student activists. It has been running in production since mid-2015.

The Atwater Group offers proofreading and editing services - all at affordable rates. I built a custom content management system to organize their portfolio database and process invoice payments.

Jamstack solutions

In many cases, the clients I work with are best served with Jamstack solutions. Building static websites for them provides excellent performance and value.

I built a home page for Shaleen Title, one of five commissioners on the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission. It's built with Jekyll as a static site generator, Forestry for content management, and is hosted with Netlify.

THC Staffing group is an organization dedicated to closing the gap between America's rapidly growing cannabis industry and diverse, qualified employment candidates. I built out their website using Eleventy.

The Love for Liberty Arnold-Simon DIPG Foundation is a non-profit organization that fosters community and connections between and among bereaved DIPG families by providing bereavement services and support. I built their website with Hugo and host it on Netlify.

Traditional content management systems

For some clients, traditional CMS solutions like WordPress or Wix are a best fit. These options allow clients to have full control over their web hosting, content, and even look and feel.

Sheila Vakharia is a researcher and activist at the Drug Policy Alliance. She asked for a custom WordPress theme for her website. I designed and implemented a WordPress theme from scratch for her. I did all the design work and tested the theme against the WordPress theme unit test and other WordPress theme requirements.

Ellen Holland is the senior editor of Cannabis Now Magazine. I designed, built, and deployed her personal website.

I worked with Jason Hernandez to organize, design, and deploy a Wix site to distribute his book, Get Clemency Now, which helps incarcerated people pursue clemency.