Problem description

Problem on leetcode

A binary tree is univalued if every node in the tree has the same value.

Return true if and only if the given tree is univalued.


We've got to visit all the nodes of this tree and make sure they're the same value. So I'm figuring I can accomplish this with depth-first search or breadth-first search. Either will get the job done.

I'll set the first root value as my value check, since it's easy to grab that to start.

Then I can implement DFS or BFS. At each node, I'll check if the value matches the root node's value. If it doesn't, I can return false. If it does, I'll keep on going with the algorithm.

If the algorithm completes and I haven't returned false, I'll return true.

Here's how I expressed that in JavaScript:

var isUnivalTree = function(root) {
    let val = root.val;
    let response = true;
    return response;

    function dfs(node) {
        if (node.val !== val) {
            response = false;
        if (node.left) {
        if (node.right) {

I chose DFS purely because it's been a few weeks since I last coded it up and wanted aother refresher. Also note I'm using hoisting on the function - so I can call dfs() above where I've defined it. On my first submission I forgot to actually call it and failed. Classic.