Problem description

Problem on leetcode

Given an array A of integers, for each integer A[i] we may choose any x with -K <= x <= K, and add x to A[i].

After this process, we have some array B.

Return the smallest possible difference between the maximum value of B and the minimum value of B.

Example output

Input: A = [1], K = 0 Output: 0 Explanation: B = [1]

Input: A = [0,10], K = 2 Output: 6 Explanation: B = [2,8]

Input: A = [1,3,6], K = 3 Output: 0 Explanation: B = [3,3,3] or B = [4,4,4]


So I totally whiffed it on my initial attempts. It's marked easy, and the prompt uses array, so I got tunnel-visioned looking for an answer that used array mapping, filtering, or some other O(n) kind of algorithm, which is somewhat typical in the easy problems that I've encountered so far.

I initially tried to map array A to a new array B, and use some logic in the mapping function to determine which value of x I should use. But that was doing a ton of work, and I couldn't really come up with the correct rhyme or reason for any array of more than two elements.

Turns out the answer was more straightforward than I was making it, and I was approaching it all wrong.

To find the smallest possible difference between the maximum value of B and the minimum value of B, the trick is to subtract the absolute value of K from the greatest value in A, and then subtract from that the addition of the least value in A plus the absolute value of K. If that result is less than 0, the answer is 0. Otherwise, return the computed value.

As soon as I saw this solution in the discussion section, I recognized it from my middle school math teacher's weekly brain teasers. It can feel bad to miss the mark like that, but I suppose I'll try again tomorrow!

You can express this solution in JavaScript like so:

 * @param {number[]} A
 * @param {number} K
 * @return {number}
var smallestRangeI = function(A, K) {
    let max = A.reduce(function(a, b) {
    return Math.max(a, b);
    let min = A.reduce(function(a, b) {
       return Math.min(a, b); 
    let result = (max - Math.abs(K)) - (min + Math.abs(K));
    return (result > 0) ? result : 0