My team is currently working on a Nuxt project. We like to use Vue and Nuxt when appropriate, but are primarily a Rails shop. Like many other Rails devs, we often rely on Sass for our styles. We sometimes want to use a global _variables.scss or other application-wide stylesheets like we might with the Rails asset pipeline.

In order to get the same sort of global styles available throughout our Nuxt app, we can use the Nuxt Style Resources package.

Assuming you have already added Sass to your project with npm i -D sass-loader node-sass

Run npm i -D @nuxtjs/style-resources

And you'll have access to the Style Resources module.

In nuxt.config.js update the configuration:

module.exports = {
    // Other nuxt.config.js
    modules: ['@nuxtjs/style-resources'],

    // Global styles to be imported
    styleResources: {
        scss: [

You can add multiple sass files in the scss array. I find it easier to add something like base.scss and then use Sass imports to pull in partials to the one base file so I don't need to continue to update nuxt.config.js.

I found this information on a google search which turned up this Hackernoon article.